Leaving a Review of a Tradesperson

How to leave a review of a trade you have found on MyJobQuote

Be helpful and respectful to other users

Remember to keep your review factual and helpful to others. Be as descriptive as possible about your experience to help others make a decision of the tradesperson you used. Please keep your review clear of abuse, bad language and personal attacks towards other users.

Why leave a review?

For one it helps other users, it helps trades improve their service and makes them accountable for the work they provide. Our service relies on the reviews left by job posters.

If you are still having problems leaving a review then please contact support.

What to do if things haven't gone to plan

If you have had a less than satisfactory experience with your trade, it is best to try to resolve the situation before leaving a review. Most tradespeople want to gain long term repeat customers and will try their best to put problems right. If this is not the case you might want to check out our page about how to resolve complaints.

Reviewed by MyJobQuote on 27th April 2017.

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