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Fireplace Specialists

Fireplace installation can be a difficult task even for enthusiastic DIY'ers. Most people will hire a professional to install the fireplace and let them tackle all the issues that arise during the installation process. Wood fireplaces may be easier to install for DIY enthusiasts as they only involve a chimney and a direct vent at the top. Gas fireplaces on the other hand, are a little trickier as you also need to have the space for a venting area plus a gas line running to your fireplace - this will require a gas safe engineer by law. Electric fireplaces can be slightly easier to install but again regulations come into play and you will need a competent electrician to do at least part of the work.

Prior to installing a fireplace you need to take detailed measurements including the area around the fireplace to allow space for bricks, vents, mantles, the screen and fireplace doors. If you are not sure in your own skills, or if you simply don't have the time, then contact a professional as soon as possible so they can develop an installation plan on how you plan to complete the project. They can also provide advice on the correct type and rating of the fire you need to install.

Opening up an old Fireplace

Opening up an old fireplace can transform a living room, adding to the character of your home and a good investment into the bargain. Modern solid fuel fires are clean, easy to operate and highly efficient. But alterations to fires and fireplaces are classified as building work and are therefore subject to Building Control approval. You are advised to contact your Local Authority before commencing any work on your fireplace, chimney or flue. before starting on the fireplace it is essential to make an external check on the condition of the chimney, to comply with Building Regulations chimneys should be tested before re-use and the flue must be clear of obstruction and gas tight.

If the chimney has been capped this will obviously need removed and at the same time you need to ensure that the flashing around the chimney is complete. If you are in any doubt about the condition of the chimney you need to contact a local chimney specialist to carry out a full inspection of the flue. Many companies which sell solid fuel stoves and fires can also install them for you, failing that, you can contact organisations such as the solid fuel heating association to find a reputable installer. As always get several quotes to ensure the prices are competitive. The easiest way to gather quotes is to simply click the "post your job" button on this page and let local fireplace specialists get in touch with you (it's completely free to use and only takes a couple of minutes).

Fireplace Installation Cost

The costs involved in getting a tradesman to install a new fireplace range from around £450 to £650 for standard fireplaces whether gas or electric (with solid fuel being the most expensive, followed by gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces being the cheapest). Custom fireplaces can cost up to £2900 to buy and have installed in your home. remember that these are only average prices, you need to consult a local installer who will carry out a home survey to give you an exact price.

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