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Commercial Pest Controllers

In the UK all commercial premises have to ensure they take the necessary steps to control the infestation of pests and prevent potential health risks to the public. Pest Control companies offer a range of services to commercial clients on a "one-off" or periodic contract basis, providing highly trained pest controllers to carry out fully insured and guaranteed work. Pests and rodents can have harmful effects upon your health and it is important to understand the dangers stemming from common pest infestations. The two most common infestation problems in commercial premises around the UK stem from rodents and cockroaches. Cockroaches release allergens which increase the severity of asthma symptoms and also carry bacteria such as E. Coli and salmonella, contaminating food, cooking equipment and food surfaces. Rodents often cause allergic reactions but can also cause potentially deadly diseases such as the Hantavirus. More often however, rodents carry bacterium such as salmonella and can contaminate all food sources, kitchen surfaces and equipment. A professional pest control company can offer their expertise and knowledge of infestations to best protect your employees and customer health.

Choosing Pest Control Company

Pest control is a highly competitive industry in the UK and there are many different types of commercial pest control company to choose from. pest control can be offered by a local one-man-band and national companies and franchises alike. National companies tend to ensure all their staff have the proper training and are affiliated to trade associations and any local government schemes, however they also tend to charge large national prices. A reputable local pest control company is likely to have a small professional team with a wealth of skill and experience. In addition it is often the case that they have also have invested substantially in their local reputation. These local companies have a lot to lose, so are likely to try hard to make sure you are satisfied. Whichever type of pest controller you choose, ensure that your contractor is a member of the British Pest Control Association. Remember that there are as yet no national regulations preventing unqualified pest control technicians from offering their services within the industry, sometimes it can be difficult to tell these rogues from a local company that has invested a lot of time and effort into building up a professional level of expertise and experience. Try and get referrals from others that have used pest control services in the past if possible, failing that choose a local company that has been in business for a number of years in your local area that can provide good checkable references. Local companies tend to be small enough that you can talk to the owner if things are going wrong, while at the same time are keen to uphold their reputation.

Commercial Pest Control Prices

Removal/treatment of wasp nests costs from around £25 per nest, basic rodent control treatment with two visit costs from £95, bed bug treatments cost from £125 which includes two visits spaced 2 weeks apart, cockroach treatments cost from £175, flea treatments cost from £125. However, in practice the prices for all pest treatments will very in cost and duration depending on the infestation and the type of property. To get an accurate price, use the"post your job" button on this website to gather quotes from local commercial pest control companies for free.

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