Two Storey Extension – New Rules 2020

Have you have been considering adding an extension to your home, but worried about planning permission? New rules might mean it is now easier than ever for you to extend your home, so you don't have to move.

New rules that come in to force in September 2020 make it easier to add a two-storey extension. This rule change also means your neighbour can't object to your extension.

The new rules set out by the government on the 21 July 2020 allow for homeowners and commercial property owners to add a double storey extension under the fast track rules.

The fast track rules mean the process of approval is reduced to just 8 weeks from the normal 16 weeks it can take. This is a significant reduction that also removes the ability for neighbours to object to the extensions.

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Building Regulation Requirements

There is still a need to comply with building regulations and consider appearance, but councils will only be able to block if the extension causes traffic congestion, flood risk or increased noise pollution.

These new rules will be reviewed under the same development rights as small extensions and loft conversions, but now allow a double extension up to the height of 18m. This means you could add a significant extension to your existing property. 

These new rules also apply to commercial properties. The aim of the new rules is to hopefully remove the need to demolish existing commercial properties. Allowing developers to extend existing buildings instead. It is also hoped that this move will help create more commercial space in towns that will help encourage more businesses and help develop towns.

There is also the hope that it will mean less development on green field sites. A frustration felt by many towns and cities up and down the country.

No Need to Move

Adding the ability to extend existing homes will reduce the need to move for growing families. This move means growing families will not have to deal with the stress and high costs of moving and will instead be able to invest this cost in extending and increasing the value of their existing home.

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These new rules will apply to commercial and detached properties from September but could be extended in the future.

Ways you Can Extend your Home

There are many other ways you can extend or change your home where you don't need to wait for the new rules. These are ways you can extend your home now.

Single Storey or Conservatory

You can add a single storey that measures 4mx6m without the need for planning permission. This is ideal for extending the rear or side of your home, but you can also extend the front of your home. This includes adding a conservatory to your home. Adding a conservatory is an ideal way to enjoy your garden all year round.

Convert Your Loft

A loft is often forgotten space, but depending on your type of property, you can extend or convert this space without the need for planning permission. In many cases this can add two bedrooms and a bathroom, without the need to change the footprint of your home. Adding a loft conversion will also significantly increase the value of your home.

External Office Space

Add a garage or log cabin in to your garden and if it is also used as office space, there is no need to apply for planning permission. We always recommend speaking to a local builder that will be able to confirm the best way to maximise this potential.

Internal Changes

You can change the internal layout of your home by moving walls and joining rooms together. As you are not changing the footprint of your home, you will not need to apply for planning permission. Combine this with the options above and you can transform the way your home looks significantly.

Convert Your Garage

The humble garage is often used as storage for discarded or broken items that you ‘hope to get around to fixing'. You can convert your garage into a bedroom, office space or guest space without planning permission.

Extending your home is the number one way that you can increase its value. We always recommend consulting a professional first, as they will be able to give you some ideas on how you can maximise your space.

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