Should You Remove Your Bath?

If you rarely use your bathtub and it's gathering dust, you may be looking for alternative ideas to give your washroom a fresh start. With the convenience of a quick shower, baths can often go unused for months - even years!

freestanding bathtub

So, if you're not partial to a weekly bubble bath, is there any point in having one in the house?

We'll be discussing the benefits and disadvantages of ridding your powder room of its tub to help you make the best decision for your property.

Advantages of Taking Out Your Bath

If you don't utilise your bath and feel as though it's getting in the way, removing it can create space for a whole array of other options. Here are some of our favourites:

Design a Shower Room

Shower rooms aren't a new concept; however, they are currently a very on-trend feature for a lot of modern homeowners.

In fact, we don't see them going out of style any time soon! If you're more of a morning shower person than an evening bather, a shower room may be the best move for you.

shower room

Shower rooms can be designed with a range of different bathroom aesthetics in mind, allowing you to cater for your own personal home style preferences. So whether you're a lover of minimalist, zen spaces or funky colour-pop designs, there's always a shower room look to suit you.

Removing the bath to make room for an open-plan shower really creates the illusion of more space without resorting to knocking down walls. So if you're fed up with feeling cramped in your washroom, a shower room is the perfect remedy.

Install a Separator Wall

If you'd rather prioritise your shower area, removing your tub can give you ample room to install a wall divider. A wall divider is an internal half-wall that divides the space into sections without completely cutting them off from each other.

Installing a separator wall can really help if you're into feeling a little more cosy and private when you use the restroom rather than being surrounded by a void of space.

Separator walls can also give you more wall space to install shelving and cupboards if you're in need of some extra storage space.

Open up Your Sink Space

If you and your partner fight over the sink each morning, or you just enjoy a little extra pampering, replacing your bath with a large sink area might be right up your avenue.

large sink space

Freeing up that extra room can make way for a double-sink area, where you can install two sinks and two mirrors for that added convenience and peace of mind. Or, one large sink-cabinet space to carry out your intense pampering duties.

Creating a larger sink space can also give you the opportunity to install more storage space to store your toiletries and bathroom knick-knacks. Win-win!

Fashion a Lounge Space

We've all been in a fancy hotel bathroom where there's a seating area and thought: "Ah, what a vision of luxury.' If you're a fan of feeling lavish and indulging in your desires, why not create one in your very own bathroom?

Spicing up your washroom with a luxurious french framed daybed or a cosy love seat can really up your bathroom game to a whole new level.

Who knew that throwing out your bath could cause so many possibilities?

Create a Dressing Area

Removing a rarely used bath could free up space for a dressing area, avoiding that awkward, towel-baring shuffle to the bedroom after a shower.

To create a dressing space in your bathroom, add a stylish folding room divider for privacy. We recommend natural wicker or rattan to keep the space looking minimal and serene. Install shelving for your knick-knacks, and hooks to hang your towel or robe, and add a small seat for extra comfort.

Experiment with a Sauna

If you have the extra spends and fancy splurging on a new wellness device, why not invest in a sauna space?

Saunas come with a whole host of potential health benefits, from simple relaxation to detoxifying the body, decreasing inflammation and pain, and much more. If your bath is doing you a disservice, a sauna could be a new way to lessen the load.

Adorn a section of your bathroom with natural, solid wood, create a seating area enclosed with glass, add a touch of mood lighting - and voila! (Don't forget to call in the specialists to correctly install the fixtures, of course).

Disadvantages of Taking Out Your Bath

When removing your bathtub, it's vital to first consider the potential downsides of doing so. Baths are a feature that many homebuyers keep in mind when property hunting, and the lack thereof may really affect your home's property value in the long run.

Although wet rooms are currently all the range, a lot of buyers may be put off by a property that doesn't have a full tub.

bathroom with bath

Not having a bath within your property may result in the home taking longer to sell, which in turn has a knock-on effect on the asking price. Generally speaking, the longer a property is in the market unsold, the smaller the offers that are put forward by buyers.

Means that not having a bath could result in a struggle to sell your home for the price you had in mind.

If you're all set with your forever home, this may not be an issue to you, but if there's a small chance you may want to sell in the future, it's worth the thought.

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