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Zoom legend Jackie Weaver sat down and spoke to MyJobQuote about planning regulations, gardening tips, neighbour disputes and plans for the future.

You're a keen gardener, what do you find are the easiest flowers to grow?

My favourite flower to grow is Alstroemeria. It's just the gift that keeps on giving.

It is a pretty flower. It looks like a small lily. They're often sold in the supermarkets as bunched flowers. But they are so easy to grow, and they just come back year after year.

Are you into growing Vegetables?

My Husband is, he's got tomatoes, green beans, peas, potatoes.

To be honest, green beans are the tricky one. I mean, when you go out, you think you've picked them all because they're really nice when they're small. And I'm going to bore you to death. They're really nice when they're small, but when they're big, they're like really yucky.

I can't do anything with them. And of course, they're sneaky buggers, because you think you've picked them all out the following day and you find almost a foot long that you missed the day before. As far as courgettes are concerned, one courgette plant is one too many.

They are so productive. That you know, again, blink, then you've got six marrows out there. Enough to feed ten families. Too many.

So related to gardening. garden rooms have become quite big this year with working from home. Would you need planning permission if you wanted to build one of those yourself?

No. In fact, we had one installed three years ago. We have the crocodile veranda which is glass roof. And then two completely sliding walls to the side because although it's a nice sunny garden, it's quite draughty. Absolutely love it.

It really is a garden room, as opposed to a conservatory, which, like Amanda Richardson says is like the desert in summer is like the desert at night in winter.

Do you need planning permission for them? No, you won't do presuming it is going to be on the back of your house. I mean, there's always potential that you put one on the front. In which case you probably would need planning permission but as long as it is on the back of your house, you will not need planning permission.

Around the home and house, what would you say the easiest things to get planning permission for?

Planning permission is relatively easy for any rear-facing development - the main thing is to have a word with the neighbours. Don't fall out with the neighbours over it because it can make your life miserable. Get your neighbours on board.

Then don't build anything that's like the Eiffel Tower next door to your neighbour.

Most rear-facing development you will not need permission for.

Have you ever dealt with any kind of severe disputes? Are they quite easy to resolve?

Yes, with the sister-in-law who lived next door! A long time ago, this is when you would need planning permission before having a conservatory. And we were planning a conservatory for the side of the house.

She didn't like it. it's as simple as that. To be honest, we didn't consult her, and we were wrong. We just assumed that she'd tell us that she had a problem. So yep, first-hand experience of that - don’t assume.

Regarding difficult neighbours, what could a homeowner realistically do in the following scenarios? The first being a neighbour has a pest problem that is encroaching on your property.

Yeah, that's one that you would take to your Borough Council. But first, it's always best to start with approaching the neighbours. That's your starting point.

And then, if you get no joy from them, then go to environmental health because it is an environmental health issue. You know, if you're, if you're beginning to see the problem is bigger than you think.

What about if my road is full of potholes?

Okay, so, first of all, it is an issue for your principle authority to deal with. They are the ones that will have the contract with the contractors to deal with potholes.

They will have a service level agreement that measure potholes. You can go out there and measure the potholes. So, there will be specific criteria for potholes that can be left and potholes that have to be filled. Look and see whether your potholes fall within that. If they do, then write, always write, don't phone, or ask somebody else to do it.

Because you want a paper trail to show that you've done it. If they still don't do it, and you fear that it is having a detrimental effect on your health, get a quick survey done on your house. And then write to the council again and say if you do not address this problem, I will be suing you for the cost of repairing my property.

Onto the more fun questions. You've addressed the rumours of you in strictly at the minute Any potential for any of other TV shows? I'm a Celebrity in Wales, maybe?

I've done it already, but it hasn't been shown yet. Celebrity Mastermind. That will be out just before Christmas. And if Ben Shepherd’s listening, I'd really like to do Tipping Point. Just because I like him. I think he's lovely.

Is Tipping Point your favourite TV show?

I don't know that it's my favourite TV show. But I do enjoy it. I mean, it's one of those stress relievers. You can just watch it and you don't have to think too much about.

So that's a no on I'm a Celebrity?

I wouldn't rule out doing I'm a Celebrity. Providing I would have some contract that absolutely guarantees me that I would not be in the same room as frogs.

It's not even that I don't like them. I think it's a phobia. I literally am hysterical if I'm near a frog. I think I'm brave and confident, I think I'm okay with it, and then it moves.

I don't like spiders, but I could move one. I don't like Flappy Birds, a bird in the house, but at a push, I can deal with it.

On Strictly I know, you said you're not going to be doing it. But if you were or you had been doing it, who would your dream partner have been?

It would have to be Anton. Yeah. Any woman my age, he's got to be a superhero, I think a charming guy. He is in real life as well.

When I say in real life, I kind of met him, he very kindly did my podcast for me. And he really did seem just like he seemed on the tele. Very sweet, very kind. He made me feel like the superstar.

Are there any other TV shows you'd love to have a go at presenting?

Yeah. Have I Got News For You.

In your day job, is everyone from that zoom meeting still there?

No, Alan's iPad has resigned. The very angry young man and his dad. The fact he's living at home with his dad speaks volumes.

The very angry one, you know, 'read standing orders' chap. And I say the older bloke with him is his dad. He's not the parish council.

And then the one that was a little confused as the start of the meeting with his back towards me. He has resigned from the parish council as well and the chairman has stepped down.

I'm taking it you've not had any confrontations like that since.

No but the chairman, particularly, was very keen to share what he felt was his side of the story.

As we say with Harry and Megan, one person's truth, is not necessarily another person's truth.

You're set to appear in Girls Just Want to Have Fun on stage. But who would have the authority to play you in a theatre or movie version of your life?

Oh, gosh, you're presuming I couldn't do it myself.

And finally, who would you want if anybody could play you in a film or Netflix documentary?

Could I have Helen Mirren?

Last updated by MyJobQuote on 29th August 2021.
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