Living Room Inspiration Ideas

It's that time of year, we get home from work, draw the curtains and get cosy on the sofa.

Here are our living room inspiration ideas on how you can make your living room inviting and warm this season.

cosy living room

Colour Schemes to Warm Up Your Living Room

Colour schemes can change the entire look of a living room, and help to create a snug space.

Take a look at the on-trend colour schemes for this year:

Natural Colour Scheme

Greens have become the most popular colour for living rooms this year. More people have been leaning towards a natural aesthetic, trying to bring the outside in!

It also creates a relaxed and peaceful space to unwind in.

If you use a green colour scheme, combine it with natural textures, such as wool blankets and rugs, to give your living room a cosy, warm feel.

Pair green walls with a warm-coloured wooden floor to finish off the overall look.

Dramatic Colour Scheme

If you want a sophisticated, luxuriant living room - then the dramatic colour scheme will be perfect for you!

Look at deep, rich colours such as dark blues, emerald greens, teal and dark purples to add colour and depth to your walls.

dark deep living room

When accessorising the room, try to use neutral colours to balance it out - but velvet, plush furnishings are a must to create a welcoming, warm space.

Colour Pops Scheme

This colour scheme works with any colour, but we're going to focus on autumnal colours, such as reds, burnt oranges and yellow hues.

For this to work well, you need to choose a neutral base colour, such as light grey walls, and then use your bright colour for soft furnishing and accessories.

A sun burnt orange sofa against light grey wall will 'pop' and really makes a statement.

Using autumnal colours instantly creates an inviting, warm living room you want to spend time in.

Lay Fresh Carpet or Add Rugs

Laying fresh carpet and upgrade from Laminate flooring. A carpeted floor will help reduce draughts and keep you warm underfoot.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how homely it will make it feel!

range of rugs

If you don't want to part with your beautiful wooden floors (don't worry we get it!), try rugs instead. Rugs are great at dressing up a living room, and creating a cosy feel too!

There are so many options to choose from with rugs; different textures, colours and fabrics. You'll certainly find a rug you love!

Use Natural Textiles to Make a Cosy Atmosphere

If you only want to make small changes to your living room, layering different textiles is the sure way to go to create a snug ambience.

Try to use natural textures such as rattan, wicker, wood, wool, and faux animal fur.

Add cushions to your sofa, rugs to your floors, and baskets to hold your magazines, books, or logs. Use faux animal fur blankets to dress up your living room too!

Even though these changes are small - they'll create a cosy atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy.

Create a Cosy Glow with Lighting

Adding or upgrading your lighting from traditional lighting can save energy and create a new warmer feel to areas of your living room. Especially as the nights draw in, it will feel more homely.

candles and fairy lights

If you want to make your living room cosier, try these five tips:

  • Replace bright lights with modern and warm looking lights.
  • Add LED lights behind the TV.
  • Change bulbs to colour changing LED's like the Philips hue lighting system.
  • Add a standing lamp or fairy lights for mood lighting.
  • Use candles for a soft glow - they smell great too!

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