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  • 10 Budget Friendly Bedroom Upgrade Ideas

    Have you been wanting to do something to upgrade your bedroom decoration but not sure where to start? Your bedroom is a great place to experiment with decoration ideas. Be bold with your colour choices, a place to reflect your true personality.

    Try these budget friendly ideas and don't forget to tag us if you post your transformations to social media.

    1. New duvet set to treat yourself
    2. Change your bedroom lighting
    3. Install extra electrical points for gadgets
    4. Decoration ideas – Five bedroom colour pallets
    5. Declutter with storage options including custom built  
    6. Fix broken draws to tidy up
    7. Remove non-bedroom items
    8. Upcycle your wardrobe and draws
    9. Be bold with colours – Headboard, Ceiling or Walls
    10. Hang pictures of your art or photography

    1 – Add a New Duvet Set – Treat Yourself

    When was the last time you bought a new duvet? Treat yourself and enjoy the freshness a new duvet set offers. After a long day you'll be happy you did, it's one of the best feelings after a busy day working.

    The sleep council suggest the average duvet lasts five years, so if yours is older it's probably time you changed it. It's also good to have a winter and summer duvet. A summer duvet should be around 4.5 togs and a good winter one will be 13.5 togs.

    You can also add new colour to your bedroom with a new cover. Go bold with a bright colours or if you plan to be bold with decoration go for something neutral.

    2 – Change Your Bedroom Lighting

    Lighting is important to creating the right mood in order to relax, turning on a bright light as you get ready to turn in for the night is likely to wake you up. Instead have a warming light that will help rest your eyes.

    If you need the option of having a bright light, you can always install a dimmer switch or smart light bulbs where you can adjust the colour and brightness of the bulb.

    Adding a shade around the bulb can give a dappled light effect around the room and add to the relaxing feeling.  

    3 – Install Extra Electrical Points

    It's best to limit use of gadgets in the bedroom, but do you have enough electrical points for all your charging requirements? Contact a local tradesperson to install additional sockets for you just where you need them.

    It's a fairly straight forward process and isn't going to break the bank for the convenience it offers.

    4 – Decoration ideas – Six bedroom Colour Pallet Ideas

    When decorating and choosing a main colour for your bedroom, it's important to choose accent colours that also complement the features of your room. Neutral colour walls are best when choosing strong colours for your bedroom accessories.  

    With neutral colour walls you can then swap out your accessories depending on the season and if you want to have a different look and feel to your room.

    5 – Declutter with storage options including custom built  

    We've covered a lot of decluttering on our blog and if you want to check out our three steps to decluttering, you'll see how you can declutter your room using this simple method.

    Hiring a local tradesperson to build you custom storage options is a great way to fill a space that you are currently under utilising.

    Other storage options you can use are boxes that will fit under the bed. The advantage of this is that if you have a lid on them, they will help keep the contents dust free and safe.

    6 – Fix Broken Draws to Tidy Up

    In many cases a set of draws or a door that has fallen off your cupboard can be a simple fix when you know how. There is no need to go out and buy a new one, simply hire a local handyman tradesperson.

    They will have it fixed in no time and you will not have to keep looking at the broken item each evening.

    7 – Remove Non-Bedroom Items

    Your bedroom should be a place you can relax, feel the stresses of the day slip away. It will be better for you if you can remove any items that don't belong in the bedroom. DIY tools, papers from work or bills are not the ideal place. Seeing them just before bed can often stimulate the mind and keep you awake.

    If you have to keep items in your room for safe keeping, put them out of site early in the evening. Put them in a draw you will open in a morning if you need a reminder.

    8 – Upcycle Your Wardrobe and Draws

    Before you throw out your old wardrobe and draws and replace them with something cheaper but of lower quality, can you upcycle them? See our post on upcycling for some inspirational ideas on how you can do this.

    Upcycling is fun and will help towards giving your room a whole new look without the expense of getting new furniture. The money you save could be used towards paying a painter and decorator to decorate your room and give your bedroom a whole new look.

    9 – Be Bold with Colours – Headboard, Ceiling or Walls

    Bold colours in a bedroom can really make a difference. You don't have to cover every wall or surface with a colour of your choosing, but choosing a statement colour can give you the opportunity to express yourself.

    Try swapping out the headboard of your bed or upcycle it and recovering it with a bright fabric. Paint a wall a bright colour that you like, but might not want to have in a living room.

    10 – Hang Your Pictures of Art or Photography

    This doesn't have to be just the bedroom but adding personal touches in a room like artwork or photography really help finish a room off. If you keep them in frames, you can update them on a regular basis.

    Images work best on walls that have just one colour to them, they don't have to be magnolia walls, but offer a contrasting colour of inspiration against a plain wall.

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    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 30th September 2020.

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