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    Are you looking for a local air conditioning fitter? Well by filling out our quick and simple quote form you can get up to 3 quotes from local air conditioning specialists. Getting multiple quotes using one form has saved our customer time and money when shopping around for tradesmen. Why waste all your time finding air conditioning specialist when you can get them to contact you. All quotes are obligation free so there is never any pressure to hire a tradesman. In fact we suggest you use the quotes and contacts to find recommendations before picking the tradesman that is right to complete your job.

    Air Conditioning Overview

    Integrated air conditioning units have the compressor unit inside the main control unit, which makes the unit more compact, therefore easy to move to whichever room needs it most. On the downside, because these integrated units have the compressor inside, they can be noisy, but they do cost less. Split air conditioners have the noisy compressor in an external box, so this type of air conditioner has the advantage of being a lot quieter. However, you cannot easily move your air conditioner from room to room, plus they are also more expensive, but often more powerful too.

    Air conditioners have different cooling capacities so you can choose the right capacity for the room you wish to cool, don't be tempted to simply buy the cheapest unit you can find, as underpowered units will have to run constantly without providing enough cooling which means they will fail sooner than you would like. Air conditioners can be quite noisy so before you buy one find exactly out how noisy it will be by checking on a demo model in-store or try to find a video review online, this is particularly important if you plan to use the device in a bedroom.

    Energy Efficiency

    Air conditioners are sold with the energy efficiency ratings printed on the packaging. A or B performance-rated air conditioning units consumes less electricity and will be cheaper to run. A high energy efficiency rating is also a good indication that your unit is better built. Most new air conditioning units will also have a timer facility so you can set the timer to start 30 minutes before your return to be greeted by a nicely cooled home without wasting energy running the unit continuously while you are out.

    Air Conditioner Maintenance

    Cooling involves removing moisture from the air which is then captured in an internal water tank, split units will have tanks that are vented and continuously drain outside via a drip, but most will need to be emptied regularly, particularly on humid days you will need to do this quite often. The filters, air intakes, grilles and radiators also need to be kept clean to maintain peak performance. Most people using air conditioners for the first time will be surprised just how quickly the filters get dirty, but keeping them clean is really important as dirty or blocked filters will have an adverse affect on the unit's performance. To save energy don't make your home too cold, set the temperature to around 22 Celsius which for most will be a comfortable environment.

    Commercial Air conditioning and Energy Conservation

    Air conditioning can use a huge amount of energy, increasing a building's energy consumption by up to 100%. However, many organisations still choose to use it, often because of all the extra heat generated by equipment, especially IT equipment. To reduce costs make sure the air conditioning does not operate below 24°C and use variable speed drives to vary the output of your air conditioning system to meet your needs. Free cooling coils can be integrated that use the outside air as a source of cooling for air conditioning systems, these coils can produce big savings in the UK's temperate climate.

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