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    Lawn Fertilising Services Near Me

    Lawn Fertilising

    Sure, you can choose a fertiliser at your local store and sprinkle it over your lawn, only to see your grass dying after a couple of weeks. The truth of the matter is, most homeowners don’t do proper gardening and maintenance work. And, when they do, they purchase a huge bottle of fertiliser, which costs £10, and expect this to do the trick for their entire lawn. This simply isn’t how it works. So, let’s take a look at cost of fertiliser, hiring service professionals, and what you can expect from them, when you choose to have your lawn professionally maintained by a licensed landscaping and garden-maintenance company.


    Fertilising is only one of the aspects which should be taken care of, when it comes to lawn care and maintenance. As a matter of fact, if you don’t trim, cut shrubs, remove pile-up, weeds, and other dead grass routinely, this can ruin your entire lawn and garden area year round. This is where hiring a lawn and garden company, for general maintenance, is highly advisable.

    In most cases, homeowners with an average sized lawn (10 metres or smaller) you can expect to pay £75-£150 for general maintenance. This will typically include: weed-killing and removal, trimming, shrub removal, cleanup, general yard work, and possibly planting/pruning. Of course, the company you choose to hire, and whether you have lawn ornaments, and additional décor outside, will impact the price. But, most homes, with a lawn of this size, won’t be too costly to maintain. Included in this maintenance, is typically fertilising. So, this is one less thing for you to have to worry about doing yourself as a homeowner.

    Built-in killers

    Many fertilisers also have mulch care, weed-killing, and moss-killing components built into them. If you don’t know how to choose the fertiliser, this can do more harm than good to your lawn and garden area. This is yet another reason to consider hiring a professional service provider for lawn and garden maintenance. In addition to using the right fertiliser sprays and products, they will understand how to treat weeds, moss, and other obstructions in your garden, without killing trees/flowers, and other items you are planting.

    Frequency of fertilising

    This is often an area of concern with most homeowners who do their own lawn and garden care. Again, you can go to any lawn and garden shop, and buy a huge tub of fertiliser for £10-£15. But, this is typically harsh on the grass, will damage soil, and will cause other issues in your lawn and garden area. Then comes the question of how often to fertilise. If you simply read the label, and do so every few weeks or months, you can further damage the grass, soil, etc. These are some reasons you might want to consider hiring a maintenance company instead.

    They know the frequency, amount, placement, and ratios (water:fertiliser) to use, when working in the lawn/garden area. And, if there are other issues which come up, they are more qualified to handle them, and know what types of pesticides and sprays can safely be used in the lawn and garden area of the home.

    Cost of fertilising

    Again, for an area of about 10 sq. metres or less, you can expect to pay an average of £75-£100 with most professional companies. But, this can easily vary based on the type of grass (artificial turf), plants, trees, and if you want to hire the company to perform other services (trimming, removal, clean up, etc.). So, before hiring a company, it is highly advised for homeowners to compare a few, to ensure they are fully aware of what is included in the cost of fertilising and maintenance.

    If you are unsure who to hire, or which companies to compare for quotes, can help. Simply enter your information and location, and the service professionals will contact you directly. Include services you want performed, and they will provide you with a fully written and detailed quote, to include: cost of labour, services which are included, and supplies used. You’ll not only hire the best, there won’t be surprises with your bill either when you get quotes online here.

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