How do I manage my profile?

As a MyJobQuote tradesperson you get as part of your membership a public profile which allows you to show various details about your business. It is strongly recommended that you take the tutorial to show you how to update your profile and at a minimum write a few words about your business.

Having a strong profile has proven over time to help you win more work and gain the trust of customers.

Your profile is split into several sections which will need customising in a similar way to social media platforms or your own website.

Profile Picture

Customers like to see professional brands or at least the tradesperson they might be dealing with. It is important that you upload a recent photo or a company logo to your account. At present you can only do this on a computer.

Please note: Don't upload pictures with contact information as they will get rejected

Business Description

This will be the first thing customers read when they look at your profile and so it needs to be clear, to the point whilst still having some personality. You may want to outline what your business does, experience and qualifications you have. The primary aim is to catch the customers eye and so you could include information on guarantees or anything that makes you different to the competition.

Opening Hours

Whilst this might not be relevant to all business you can state any times or days you are unavailable, particularly useful for emergency repair businesses. You can update your hours whenever you wish directly on your profile by clicking the hammer and spanner icon.

Business information

Here you can enter information such as your established date and how many employees you have. You can also tell customers if you are a sole trader or a Ltd company for example.


You can upload relevant qualifications that will help show off your skills to potential customers. We check all qualifications that are uploaded before they show so please be patient after you have added them. You will receive an email when we have verified your qualifications.

Trades Offered

From your profile you can add or remove trades in the same way you would from your dashboard. If you want to learn more about adding trades to your account you can visit your My Details page.

Why have I received a warning?

You may have received a warning about your profile from us by email. It is nothing to worry about and is normally sent if there is something on your profile which is not allowed under our terms and conditions. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Bad language
  • Sensationalised claims
  • Contact information
  • An unacceptable profile picture

What to do if you get stuck?

If you have problems with anything relating to your profile you can add it to an email and we will upload or edit it for you as well as explain how to do it yourself if you need further changes. Please get in contact with our support team.

Reviewed by MyJobQuote on 27th April 2017.

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