Verifying your Account

As a homeowner we need to verify some details before we find the perfect tradesperson for you.

Your verification page can be found here

We need to verify your email address, to do this you will be sent a link through email to verify that your address is correct. If you do not receive the email you can resend it from your verification page. If you are having problems verifying your email, please check its correct on our system and if it is then don’t forget to check your junk folder.

We also need you to verify your phone number. This is so we know that ourselves and our tradesmen can contact you on it if need be. Once you enter your phone number for verification you should receive a 4-digit number from MyJobQuote. This number is valid for 15 minutes, after that you will need to request another from the verification page.

Please note that it is best to submit a mobile number so that we can text you an update to your job. If you use a traditional landline phone we will call you with your 4 digit verification code shortly after you request it.

Why do you need me to verify my phone and email?

We verify your email and phone number to comply with spam laws and to make sure that our messages get through to you correctly. We also want to make sure that our tradespeople have the correct information so that a connection can be made and your job can commence as smoothly as possible.

Reviewed by MyJobQuote on 27th April 2017.

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