Relax This Christmas – Help is at Hand

Online shopping deadlines are getting busier, and you want to ensure everything goes as planned for Christmas Day. What last-minute jobs do you do before you can relax this Christmas? Write them all down and check them off ahead of time.

We want to help you take the stress out of Christmas and help things go smoothly, saving you time and stress. Here is how MyJobQuote can help.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

With the stress of Christmas, the last thing you want to do is clean before the family comes over. If you're not a fan of cleaning or don't have the time, why not get someone in to do the job for you? Hiring professional cleaners and cleaning your carpets will help freshen your home.

Are you excited to move into your new home this Christmas? Hiring a professional cleaner can help you get your deposit back if you move out of a rental property. And if you're moving in, hiring a cleaner will make your new home feel fresh. Get your quotes for cleaners here.

You might also find our post on decluttering your home helpful to create more space.

Moving to a New Home in Time for Christmas?

Did you know moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do? Take some of the stress out of moving by hiring professionals. Read our post on taking the stress out of moving home.

Even better is using a removal company. They will come in, pack all your possessions and unload them at the other end. Then all you have to do is unpack and relax this Christmas. Get free quotes and take the load off

Planning a Big Project for 2022

We mentioned in our Get a Head Start on 2022 blog post that January and February are hectic times for trades, with many people having a 'New Year – New Me' attitude. You can get ahead and feel more relaxed by getting your quotes sorted this side of the New Year.

  • Get the tradesperson you want
  • Have a chance to look over the quote over Christmas
  • Book and plan the project early

2022 will be busier than expected as homeowners rush to create more space and upgrade. With extensive home improvements becoming more popular, it's an ideal time to get ahead.

Write Out Your To-Do Lists

Writing your to-do lists out with pen and paper will help you realise you are getting things done. The joy of ticking something off a to-do list is super satisfying. That hit of dopamine when you tick something off your to-do list will help you realise you are getting things done. It also helps keep you focused on what you need to get done.

Decorating Your Home for Christmas

Have you put up your Christmas decorations? Will you choose a real tree or an artificial tree? Which colour will you choose? What type of decorations? Will you go for fun decorations, handmade decorations or retro? We talked about these and more in our blog post looking at Christmas Decoration Trends.

Online Food Shopping

It's cold outside – let someone else do the food shopping for you. Most supermarkets now offer you the option of home delivery or click-and-collect. Get in early and book your slot for Christmas delivery.

You'll avoid the hassle of going to the supermarket and not getting the item you want. You may also save money by avoiding the temptation of items you don't need.

You can also choose to shop local. Find a local farmers' market and handcrafted gift ideas. These are often less busy than the high street and help support local businesses.

Create a Cosy Space for Guests to Relax this Christmas

Guests will be grateful for a peaceful space they can retreat to when they need time to recharge. Declutter the guest room with simple storage solutions, so they feel at home.

Changing the lighting in a guest room to warm lighting options will help them have a relaxing night's sleep, which will mean they are more relaxed while staying with you.

Want to upgrade your spare room this year, see how you can upgrade your spare room to be more than just an unused space.

Install Multi-Room TV

allow your guests time to themselves and install multi-room TV. You can do this with an Amazon firestick and give them access to Netflix, or you can get an aerial specialist to boost the TV signal.

Do you struggle to get good Wi-Fi around your home? A basic home network installation for video or audio can start from as little as £199.

Last updated by MyJobQuote on 17th October 2022.
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