5 Decorating Trends to Recreate Your Home This Year

Thinking of giving your home’s interior a new lease of life?

In this guide, we’ll explore five popular decorating trends that can allow you to recreate your home by giving it a fresh look, dynamic, and character.

Let’s dive in!

paint brushes and paint colour cards

1. Hand Painted Murals

One popular way of giving space in your home a fresh look and feel that is custom and unique is to opt for a hand-painted mural or several murals in a given room. You may even want to add hand-painted murals to many rooms.

Of course, you should hire a professional painter or decorator to create hand-painted murals in your home if you have the right skills and experience.

Hand-painted murals can add a special energy and character to a space in your home that will stand out. Hand-painted murals can act as a feature that adds a ‘wow’ factor that will make visitors stop and comment in appreciation.

tree & bird mural

Pastel hues can be a great option here that adds plenty of excitement and visual appeal. Pastels are a good option that lands somewhere between subtle neutrals and dark tones.

Whatever you opt for, if adding hand-painted murals, just be sure that they will work well with the space, as you don’t want to risk their quirkiness being a negative rather than a positive contribution. If in doubt, consult with a professional.

2. Botanic Wallpaper

Another trend set to continue through 2023 (and likely for many years into the future) is the use of stunning botanical wallpaper.

botanic wallpaper

This biophilic design can add nature without the need to add too many actual plants (although you certainly may want to do that too). Either way, botanic wallpaper is a great way of giving your home’s interior an earthly feel and look.

Popular botanic wallpaper designs include:

  • Vintage botanic style featuring an illustrated mural
  • Botanic wallpaper with greenery and a dark background
  • Rich leafy botanical wallpaper that can add plenty of depth
  • Flocked botanical wallpaper can increase a space’s texture
  • Photographic biophilic wallpaper designs

Whatever paint, wallpaper, or even feature wall, you’re considering, be sure to spend time thinking about whether it will work well in the space and the cost (as compared to your budget).

3. Zellige-tile Walls

Another way of renewing/revitalising a room visually is by adding tiled walls. One popular example of a tiled wall right now is that of zellige-tile walls. Along with popularity online, predictions have been made that zellige-tile walls will increase in use.

Moroccan tiled kitchen

Zellige tiles originated from Morocco. These handcrafted tiles feature a range of irregularities, serving the purpose of creating character and uniqueness. Zellige tiles often feature intricate patterns, lively colours, and irregularities. Zellige tiles tend to be glazed with a glossy finish.

4. The Return of Retro Wallpapers

Retro wallpapers are expected to regain popularity in the near future. This can include abstract colourways and groovy ‘70s patterns.

retro poppy wallpaper

Among the benefits of retro pattern wallpaper is not only their ability to add a touch from the past (with the 1960s and ‘70s being popular inspirations for home interior design as of late) is their capacity to add a unique and intriguing flavour to a space.

Wallpaper is making a come back!

5. Dopamine Décor

Dopamine décor, also known as dopamine dressing, is another smart way of recreating your home’s interior this year.

Dopamine décor tends to include a range of patterns, colours, and tactile furnishings aimed at creating a happier, brighter atmosphere and feel in a space.

Notably, research published to the National Library of Medicine has shown that green and blue are the best colours for increasing dopamine release in the brain.

blue lounge

Of course, the best design that will make you and your household members smile the most can also depend on additional factors like personal preference. Whatever the case, opting for bright, feel-good tones can certainly make for a feel-good atmosphere.

Dopamine décor is part of the comfortcore trend that aims to offer a warm, comforting feel to a home. Comfortcore, in itself, is a huge trend in 2023 and may very well remain so into 2024 and beyond.

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