15 Ways You Can Give Your Home a New Look in 2024

Looking to revitalise your home in 2024?

In this blog we’ll look at how you can introduce a new look to your home with ideas such as geometric patterns, neon lights and curved silhouettes. Let’s dive in

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1. Consider Faded Pastels

Muted or faded pastels can provide a calm, rich look and feel to a space while also providing velvety visuals. Faded pastels are known for being welcoming without taking over the environment in the same way that brighter, more saturated tones might.

pastel green lounge

Popular faded pastels include faded yellow, carrot orange, emerald green, muted pink, mint green, dusty rose and soft peach.

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2. Try Minimalism…. Or Maximalism

While minimalism remains fairly popular, maximalism is more on the rise in 2024. That said, which of these looks might be best for you can depend on a range of factors such as your preferences and the practicality of either option for your home.

minimilist bedroom

A minimalist design may be achieved by decluttering and removing or replacing unnecessary fittings and fixtures.

Of course, maximalism, on the other hand, isn't simply the direct opposite of this (i.e. too much clutter won’t look good with a new label) but involves a smart approach to a fuller setup. One trending approach to this is ‘dark maximalism’ where a combination of various dark shades and opulent textures are utilised.

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3. Look into an Earthy or/and Biophilic Interior Design

Note: If you’re thinking of adding houseplants, just be sure they are not poisonous to pets if you have any.

earthy biophilic

Earthy designs are timeless, having maintained popularity from ancient times through to the modern world. Notable Earthy shades include muted hues of green, blue, brown, red and pink. Earthy colours can provide a space with a tranquil atmosphere while introducing the hues and feel of nature.

While you may want to include Earthy tones artificially (e.g. new wall colours, fixtures/fittings, ornaments, etc.), it’s also worth considering how you can add them naturally, which brings us onto the topic of biophilic interior design. The obvious way to achieve this is with the introduction of houseplants.

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4. Opt for Geometric Patterns

Using geometric patterns can act as another great way of providing your home with a fresh and exciting visual appeal. Among the most notable geometric patterns to consider are Stripes, Hexagons, Chevron, Moroccan and Checkerboard.

geometric rug and bookcase

With the right pattern(s) for your home added in the right way, it can provide your home with a modern and sophisticated touch.

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5. Enhanced Window Treatments

Note: If thinking about adjusting window treatments on a second or third floor, take extra care to ensure you proceed with caution with the windows not only closed but secure (e.g. a worn down window may lack the security it once had making it hazardous to lean against when working at such heights). If you have any safety concerns, hire a professional to err on the side of caution.

curtains window

Simply upgrading your window treatments can alter the look of interior spaces throughout your home. While you may want to add to the existing treatment to revitalise it, it’s worth considering whether to go with a new colour shade.

A window treatment may refer to how the frame is painted/treated but it also generally means the curtains used. By changing either or both, you can influence the look and feel of the whole room.

By opting for a new hue, it can alter the room(s) in question, by providing a new undertone or adding to an existing undertone in the space with an additional accent to contrast or compare with the primary colour(s) used.

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6. Standout and Daring Wallpaper Choices

If you’re thinking about introducing new wallpaper, why not go for a daring and stand out option? For example, you may want to go with a patterned wallpaper to make a statement in a location where it can stand out.

wallpaper in office

This might mean being added to an entryway or accent wall among other places in your home.

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7. Choose Warm Neutrals

Having warm neutrals added are another great way of giving a home’s interior a total refresh. Warm neutrals refer to the brighter, warmer tones of neutral colours.

neutral colours

Neutral colours include white, brown, black and grey with warm neutral tone examples of these colours including off-white, yellowy tan, charcoal and taupe.

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8. Try New Textures

It’s also a good idea to look at adding new textures to your home as another dimension for changing up the look and feel of your interior.

interior textures

New textures you might want to consider include rattan, raw texture, natural fibres, natural stone and rustic timber.

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9. Vertical Garden

Note: Be sure to keep your vertical garden away from hazards like the oven or radiators. If unsure where exactly to fit one, consult with a professional gardener or another suitable professional.

vertical garden

Also, again, if you have pets, just be sure that any plants brought in or grown indoors are non-poisonous to your fluffy friends.

Vertical gardening offers households the opportunity to bring nature indoors in a generally sustainable and eco-friendly way. You can achieve this by fitting planters in a suitable location or if you have the time and suitable physical space, a hydroponic system.

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10. Utilise Neon Lights

A more out there idea is to have neon lights installed on your property where suitable and feasible.

neon sign

Among the best ways of including neon lights in your home are with a neon light sign of family name or the first name of you or someone else living with you. It’s also worth thinking of adding a neon sign showing a quote or phrase.

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11. Decorated Workspace

Whether you have an existing workspace or intend to add one later, you should consider the many ways in which you could decorate it.

decorted work space
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12. Checkerboard Designs

While we’ve already touched on geometric patterns, the option of a checkerboard design arguably deserves its own place on this list.

checkerboard wallpaper design

Here are some of the best checkerboard decor ideas to consider:

  • Rug
  • Kitchenware
  • Furniture (e.g. pillows)
  • Wallpaper
  • Wall print
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13. Vintage Ornaments

Opting for vintage ornaments is that they can provide a sophisticated and timeless appeal to your home’s interior.

vintage teapot and cups

Whether they are family heirlooms or items you’ve purchased, vintage ornaments have the potential to enhance your decor in a unique way through their invaluable prestige and originality, not to mention their classy and standout look.

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14. Use of Curved Silhouettes

Curvetted silhouettes can act as a great way of adding a fancy and modern appeal to a property.

curved sofa and chair

At the same time, they can also provide an antiquated aura, combining both in an effective and seamless manner. You may want to opt for furniture with curved tops including sofas and chairs.

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15. Declutter Throughout

Last but certainly not least, decluttering is a great approach to giving your home a new lease of life.

In order to declutter in an effective but manageable way, it’s best to consider the following approach or something similar: Schedule one or two days for decluttering with planned breaks featuring enough food and water to keep you going.*

decorted work space

Use clearly labeled binliners to categorise items you’re decluttering (e.g. one bag for items you wish to store and another you might want to donate to charity) Take your time and if you can’t get it all done as scheduled, you can always reschedule the rest of the decluttering.

*You might want to complete decluttering over a single weekend or break it up over two different weeks (e.g. do half the work one Sunday and half the work the following Sunday).

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