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A lawn is a key aspect of any garden, they are great for children and pets to run around on, perfect for entertaining in the summer, and they also look terrific! But artificial grass or turf offers many advantages over real grass, with the biggest advantage being low maintenance and excellent durability. With the correct maintenance and good growing conditions a real lawn can look absolutely stunning, but artificial grass doesn't require any watering, can survive the extreme wear and tear caused by pets and children, plus can easily last 20 years or more

The reality of a real grass lawn is that achieving the perfect looking lawn that we often see on TV and in magazines, is something that is simply not achievable for most of us. For most people free time is at a premium with our busy lifestyles and finding time to maintain a lawn can be difficult. In addition, most of us have gardens that are less than ideal in terms of the sunlight they receive and the richness of the soil. If you have a lawn which is shadowed or you are surrounded by trees which can suck the moisture out of your soil, then achieving the ideal lawn, even with lots of hard work and money, is next to impossible.

Artificial grass is pet and children resistant, very low maintenance, does not produce any mud or mess, looks great all year round whatever the weather and does not need lots of sunlight or decent soil. Although the initial installation costs for artificial turf are greater than the initial cost of growing a lawn from seeds, the ongoing costs of artificial grass are much less than the cost of ongoing maintenance for a real lawn.

Installing an artificial lawn to replace an existing real lawn is not a terribly complicated job but it is time-consuming. The first step in installing an artificial lawn is to remove the existing lawn and excavate down to 75 mm. This will usually involve hiring a skip at a minimum and for larger lawns will involve the hiring of small plant machinery. Most lawns will involve some sort of edging which is usually timber or brick but metal or plastic can also be used.

The next step after the excavation is to install aware of membrane to prevent weed growth, next sub base material was placed on top of the membrane such as granite or limestone dust. For a professional installation second layer of weed membrane should be placed on top of the sub-base before finally laying artificial grass cut to shape and secured using galvanised nails or adhesive.

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

Installing typical artificial lawn of approximately 4 m x 10 m will cost around £2500 with much of the costs being the cost of the artificial grass itself which will be around £1200. Machinery hire costs are around £200, the weed membranes will cost around £80, the sub-base material will cost £400, the edging will cost between £40 and £100 depending on the material used, then the labour costs will be around £400-500 for a typical two-man team and the job itself will take 1 to 2 days.

This may sound like a lot of money compared to buying some grass seeds and growing a new lawn from scratch, but artificial grass can create an immaculate lawn in just a day or two, whereas a real lawn could take a year or two and in fact there is no guarantee that the real grass will ever look as good as artificial grass in any case, it is possible you could spend a lot of time and money to grow a lawn which you are not happy with at all! Artificial turf may cost more initially, but you are almost guaranteed an immaculate looking lawn in days!

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