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Whether you're a homeowner or a tradesman, you should be able to find the answer to your question below. If not, feel free to get in touch.

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Nothing, Zilch, Zero - It is totally Free for homeowners to use our service.

If you have a requirement for several trades there might not be one specific category that matches your requirements. We recommend you split your job up into smaller jobs. Don't worry after your first job post we will remember your details to save you time when posting several jobs.

If you need a full refurbishment of a room or area of your house then select a specialist category who can help you with supplying all the trades you need to get the job done to a high standard.

As a rule trades people usually call to quote for a job, however we require your email address to update you on how your job request is doing and to allow you to leave feedback, cancel the job and simply for reference.

We require a postcode for all jobs as we want to connect you with a tradesperson who is local to you. This means the job is completed in a timely manner and a fair price for you the homeowner.

We care about our users privacy and so we have a robust privacy policy which can be found here.

If you can't be bothered with the extended version:

- We use SSL encryption where any financial information is sent
- We allow only 3 trades access to your contact information
- We don't sell, rent or use your information for anything other than contacting you for your job and to send you our newsletter which you can opt out of at any time.

A privacy number is an optional service we offer that protects you the customer by allowing you to protect your real phone number. This should give you even more peace of mind when using MyJobQuote.

For a tradesperson to purchase a job from us they need to have:

- Verified phone and email
- Proof of address / ID
- Proof of public liability insurance
- Proof of qualifications they state as having

As well as this we allow all homeowners to post reviews about the experience they receive. We always recommend that our users do their own checks on trades people as well as never pay the full job amount upfront. Get a written quote and clarify the job in as much detail before you agree to go ahead.

If your job is posted to our partner RatedPeople they have their own checks and vetting procedures. You can leave reviews for trade jobs on their website as well as find out more about them here.

There could be several reasons why you have not had a response to your job. The main reasons are typically:

- Lack of detail about the job
- You are in an area we don't currently have a tradesman who can do the work
- Your budget might not be realistic to get the type of work completed

You can find out more about how to write great request for a job in our advice area of the blog.

If you have been asked to create a MyJobQuote account then you will be able to use our review system once the job has been completed. Just login to your account click "my jobs" and select the trade that completed the job. You can leave a review which will show on their profile page.

Please remember to be honest, respectful and if you have problems with a job try to work it out privately before leaving negative reviews. If the job has not yet been completed you will not be able to post feedback as you can only leave 1 review per job you post.

It should also be mentioned that we work with several selected partners to facilitate your job when we do not have a tradesperson in our database. If you wish to leave feedback you will have been sent a text message or email from the provider. This email/text message will include instructions on how to leave a review of the service you have received.

If you have any questions you can contact us for more information.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact us or visit our blog or guides section for more information.

Customers submit jobs on MyJobQuote, we pass the details to a selection of local trades people. If you match the criteria for the job you will be invited to purchase the job lead. If you complete the work, the homeowner will be able to leave feedback for you.

Every tradesperson gets their own profile where reviews, pictures and information can be shown off to prospective clients.

For more information on how our service works please visit our how it works page.

MyJobQuote offers a selection of tools to help trades gain more customers, showcase their work as well as get exclusive discounts for trade related purchases.

- FREE Tradesperson profile
- Job leads matched to your area and trade category
- Listing in our searchable directory
- Access to the Tradesperson toolbox
- Help promote your own pages with additional features not found anywhere else.

For more information please look at our tradesperson signup page.

It is Free of charge to register as a trade member. To receive job leads from our service you need to add a payment method but you only pay for leads you wish to purchase. There are no monthly fee's and you can create a profile without adding a payment method.

You wouldn't quote on a job you knew nothing about - Why not register obligation free and start to see what jobs come through. We don't charge a monthly fee, just a price for every job you wish to go ahead and purchase.

Get in contact and tell us more about your business and we can tell you how we can help you.

You can apply to join MyJobQuote by visiting the tradespeople section here.

To make sure both trades and users get the best experience from MyJobQuote we verify all phone numbers, email addresses and other details.

We also verify documents required to be a member on MyJobQuote such as public liability insurance and any qualifications required to operate in some categories such as plumbing or electricians.

If you have any problems uploading documents to our system please get in contact.

All pages on the site have a my account button in the top right. Click this, login using the details you set when you signed up and you will see a grey box in the middle of the screen. From here you will be able to visit your profile.

Adding as much detail about your business will maximise the benefit you get from appearing on MyJobQuote.

Editing your profile:

Clicking this will allow you to edit an individual widget. Once your done click save and move onto the next area of your profile you wish to modify

Dragging your mouse with this icon will allow you to move your widgets around the screen. This means you can put the information you think best shows off your business to the top of the page. For example if you have a large amount of qualifications you could move them ahead of the trades offered.

Clicking this on a particular widget will allow you to hide it. For example if you wish to not show your opening hours to customers you can simply hide them on screen and your visitors won't be able to see them.

To login to the site you need to click my account on any page in the top right hand side. From here you need to supply the email address and password from when you signed up. If you haven't visited your account for a long while you need to click forgotten password.

If you are still having problems please contact us. If you are looking to sign up as a new member visit this page.

We understand that reviews and referrals are very important. Unhappy customers from time to time may post inaccurate reviews. As a service we cannot get involved directly in disputes between homeowners and members. As a tradesperson you are advised to respond to the review from your account with your side of what has happened. Customers can only leave a single review per job meaning things won't get out of hand.

Note: Be responsible and professional in how you speak to existing and potential customers in a public setting. If you use you public profile to air your personal views it may jeopardise your chances of connecting with other customers who see it.

For help and support on how to deal with reviews you believe to be untrue or that are offensive, please get in contact with us.

Leads are charged on an individual basis and include VAT. All leads are charged through a credit or debit card once the value of leads reaches £10 or 3 days have passed.

Due to the nature of the way in which we operate, complaints need to be raised as soon as possible after purchase. Leads will not be refunded if a complaint is raised after 48 hours. Refunds will only be honoured in accordance with our terms and conditions.

As a tradesperson you set your criteria in your account. You can update this at any time and it will be updated immediately. Leads are sent via email / SMS and are purchased by you logging in to your account and agreeing to purchase. If you want to update any of your settings you will find the options in your account.

You can alter your alert preferences in your account. We don't want to send you alerts if your too busy or if you are away on holiday so please let us know. Just remember to turn them back on when your back.

Our leads range from 50p to £100. You see, we don't price our leads based on a set price list. We take into consideration:

- Trade
- Job description
- Budget
- Location
- Timescale
- Validity of the lead
- Cost to generate
- Competition for the lead
- Age of the lead
- Trade feedback
- Jobs offered VS Purchased

Signup, add your information, get job leads sent to you and if you like what you see go ahead and purchase if not, there will be other jobs just around the corner.