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  • Plan and design your perfect garden patio.

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    Turn your garden into the perfect seating area.

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    Stain your fence to add protection and keep your garden looking great.

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    Clean your drains to prevent serious damage.

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    Having your own outside tap can be so helpful!

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    Control all the pests ruining your garden area.

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    Learn how to replace your own internal doors.

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    Plumb in your own new washing machines or dishwasher

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    Choosing a New Boiler?

    If you are thinking of replacing your central heating system, are concerned about the energy efficiency of your existing boiler, or have a faulty boiler. Then you will need to consider buying a new boiler and having it installed, but what sort of Boiler should you choose and what information do you need to make […]

    Artificial or Fake grass

    Low Maintenance Gardens – Enjoy Your Garden More

    For those who have difficulty finding the time or enthusiasm for gardening, or for those who are older or have disabilities which mean that they simply do not have the physical ability to look after a traditional garden, one of the first things that springs to mind is to simply pave the whole thing over! […]

    Decking in a back garden

    Building Your Own Decking Area

    Building a decking area can greatly enhance your back or front garden by providing extra space for entertaining or dining. Decking is usually fitted as a raised platform onto the back of your property and essentially offers a transitional space between the house and the garden. For a full breakdown of costs check out our […]

    Finding the Perfect Backsplash for Your Kitchen

    When it comes to designing kitchens, a backsplash can add personality and offers great opportunities for some design fun. Choosing the best backsplash can finish off a kitchen’s look and can bee something which you will notice immediately when you walk in the room. However, with all the tile and backsplash options available today there […]

    Hearing Protection for DIY

    Ears are highly sensitive organs and exposure to loud sounds can cause hearing damage, especially over time. If you spend time in environments with loud noise, you could in fact be losing your hearing without even realising it, as it occurs so slowly over time many don’t notice until the damage is done. It is […]

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