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    Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey. All gas engineers must be registered with the Gas Safe Register by law.

    When registered, an engineer will be licensed by the Gas Safe Register, so they can perform gas engineering work lawfully. Without registering, any gas engineering work is unlawful.

    The Gas Safe Register has replaced the previous CORGI registration for gas engineers.

    The Gas Safe Register also investigates any unsafe or illegal gas work that they have reported to them, along with campaigning for awareness of the risks of unsafe or illegal gas work being conducted. Following an investigation of unsafe/illegal gas work, the information is given to the Health and Safety Executive, who has the ability to prosecute, when required.

    Benefits Of Gas Safe Registered Engineers

    By having a registered engineer to conduct your work within your home, there are a number of key benefits:

    • The engineer is legally allowed to conduct gas work, if they are on the register – any non-registered work would be illegal and potentially unsafe.
    • A registered engineer will be have necessary qualifications and have past experience to ensure that they are able to conduct gas work
    • Local Gas Safe registered engineers can be found on the Gas Safe websiteand it can also be used to check if an engineer is registered.
    • If any Gas Safe registered engineer has any issues with a specific gas engineering problem, they will have technical support from Gas Safe’s own experts whenever they require, to ensure they make the correct decisions.

    Checking if unregistered engineer

    If you are unsure if an engineer is registered with the Gas Safe Register, you can check via the Gas Safe Register website.

      If a business or engineer is registered – you will be able to find them on the register, using the;

    • The business name
    • Engineer license numbers
    • Business registration number
    • Location
    • If a business is not registered – you will not be able to find them by the above details. If you suspect they are not a registered engineer, please contact the Gas Safe Register to report them. The Gas Safe Register will be able to investigate any engineer or business.

    To report a non-registered engineer or business, or discuss any concerns about potentially unsafe work, you contact the Gas Safe Register by phone on 0800 408 5500 to discuss further.

    Finding a Registered Engineer On MyJobQuote

    To find a qualified engineer on MyJobQuote, first you must post the job for the work that you want completed, by completing the to ‘Post Your Job’ form on MyJobQuote.

    As part of the process of posting the job, you must include appropriate and relevant details about the work or the problems occurring – for possible engineers to understand the work involved.

    After the job is posted, local gas engineers can review the details you have provided. Up to 3 gas engineers could contact you to discuss the work and provide a quotation. From any of the engineers who contact you, it will be your choice of which engineer to hire. Each engineer will have their own tradesperson profile on MyJobQuote with their provided details (such as their qualifications) – to aid your decision making.

    All gas engineers have been manually verified as Gas Safe registered when they sign up as a tradeperson. Until they are confirmed as Gas Safe registered they will not be able to undertake any gas engineering jobs via MyJobQuote.

    Beyond this every gas engineer’s registration status is checked every 6 months onwards after signing up, to ensure they are still registered as Gas Safe registered.

    Even with our checks, you should always check an engineer is registered with Gas Safe before hiring them – so please do check via the Gas Safe Register to ensure they are registered. This is also the best course of action if there are any sub-contractors or additional staff with the engineer, as in some cases, a registered engineer may have a non-registered sub-contractor for assistance – which should also be reported for having a non-registered engineer conducting gas work.

    How To Sign Up

    Before applying, an engineer must have appropriate applications and has been evidenced to an awarding body. Further details are available on the Gas Safe Register site

    For a Gas Engineer to become registered, they can sign up via the Gas Safe Register’s website and apply. Alternatively, the forms are available online to be filled in and submitted as a paper application to the Gas Safe Register. In both cases, applying to be registered requires the business contact details, National Insurance numbers for any of the business’ engineers and a method of payment.

    There are annual fees to the Gas Safe Register to remain as registered engineers – the application and renewal fees can vary based on the type of registration and the number of engineers being registered for the business.

    Full details of the fees can be found on the Gas Safe Register site here.

    Benefits Of Being A Registered Engineer

    These are some of the key benefits to an engineer for being registered with the Gas Safe Registry:

    • Legally able to conduct gas work in the UK, the Isle Of Man & Guernsey
    • Additional promotion of your business by being found on the register – where many customers seek local Gas Safe registered engineers
    • Use of the Gas Safe branding as part of your business’ promotion, provided as a downloadable Gas Safe Register marketing toolkit
    • An online account to manage your registration and receive updates from the Gas Safe Register
    • Technical support and advice from the Gas safe Register’s available experts, over the phone of by email – to advise on work and determine the best solutions when required
    • Support from a local Gas Sage Inspector whenever required – to ensure help ensure maximum safety with your work
    • Free monthly magazine from the Gas Safe Register – informing you about news and updates relevant to gas engineering work
    • Have access to 80 key standards at a discounted price for different types of gas work

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