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  • The Best Combi Boilers of 2018

    Ready to buy a new combi-boiler for your home? If so, you are likely aware of the fact that there are hundreds of different models/series from which you can choose. And, there are dozens upon dozens of top-rated brands from which you can choose as well. So, when the time comes to invest in one, […]

    A Guide to Common Boiler Problems

    You’ve invested in a new boiler. You’ve properly maintained it and done required maintenance when suggested. But, you’re having problems with your boiler. Knowing the common boiler problems, and how to resolve them, is something every homeowner should be familiar with. These are a few of the most common issues you’ll run into with a […]

    The UK’s Homebuyers Deposit Pots

    New research has cast a telling insight into the situation faced by those trying to purchase property for the first time in the UK; revealing just how much aspiring home owners in different regions have managed to save over the last three years. Those in the North East and Scotland have saved the most, while […]

    Guide to Mixing Plaster

    If you plan on mixing and laying out the plaster in a DIY project you are going to undertake, not only do you have to understand the basics of skimming, but also how to go about choosing the right plastering materials to work with as well. This is a basic guide to help you on […]

    5-Ways To Reduce Costs Of Installing Central Heating

    Central heating installation is quite expensive especially if you plan on upgrading the entire home and have a dated or older heating system presently installed. Additionally, depending on the size of your home, where you live, and if insulation work or other upgrades have to be made throughout the home, costs can quickly pile up. […]

    Reducing The Cost Of Hiring a Mini-Digger

    From the outside looking in, you might believe hiring a mini digger is extremely low cost. However, when you step back and start to compare a few quotes, you are going to learn that it is not as cheap as you might have originally anticipated it to be. With this in mind, there are things […]

    A Guide To Burglary Prevention

    Protecting your family and belongings is of high importance to homeowners. Not only do you want to know your spouse and children are safe when you are at home, but also that your belongings are safe when you are away from the home. At work, on vacation, during a business trip you have to take, […]

    Solar Panels – Are They Worth It?

    For those looking to find the most efficient solar panels available, the first thing you need to investigate is the comparable efficiency of the panels in terms of converting sunlight into electricity. More efficient solar panels will, given the same amount of light, produce more electricity. Most consumers today believe that efficiency is the most […]

    Loft Windows -Velux Or Dormer

    The type of roof Window you choose for a loft conversion will greatly affect the amount of light in the new room along with the total cost of the conversion. Choosing the right kind of window can be difficult but it is an essential part of the project. The two main types of windows used […]

    Saving Money Through Loft Insulation

    Loft insulation can greatly reduce your energy bills every year while at the same time keeping your home warm and cosy. Without adequate loft insulation, much of the warmth produced by your central heating will simply escape through the roof. In fact, you can lose as much as 25% of the heat in this way. […]