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  • Livingroom with Christmas Tree and decor

    Get Your Home Ready for Christmas Early

    It’s time to get your home ready for Christmas. Do this now and you will be more relaxed and ready when you are off work. Once Halloween and Bonfire Night are out of the way, it’s time plan for Christmas in order to be able to relax before the madness of Christmas begins. When preparing […]


    Spare Room Ideas – What Should You Do?

    Deciding how to decorate a spare room should first start with what you want your spare room to be for. Will it be for guests or will you use the spare room for something just for you? Maybe you want it to be a home office, crafting space or a home gym. What to Use […]

    Siddiqui Family Goggle Box

    What the Interior Design Choices of Goggle Box Families Can Tell Us

    Since Gogglebox’s Netflix debut, families around the UK have become obsessed with watching a show about families that watch shows. However, while some are paying attention to the dramatic reactions, other viewers have started to notice the interior design of the Gogglebox stars’ homes. This ranges from inspiration to critiquing, which has now posed the […]

    simple lamp next to chair in warm light lighting

    Home Lighting Ideas– Create Mood and Style

    Having the right lighting in your home will make a big difference to how each room feels and how useful it is. Choosing and installing lighting doesn’t have to be difficult and with the right tradesperson, you can have your lighting installed with little or no disruption to your home. Installing mains lighting will require […]

    Customer trust loyalty

    How to Gain Customer Trust as a Tradesperson and Win More Work

    A customer that trusts you is more likely to recommend you to their friends, family or work colleagues. This is great for you, as you’ve not had to pay for that lead or advertise in order to gain the work. But how do you gain customer trust as a tradesperson? We pride ourselves on being […]

    tiny pumpkins with drawn on faces

    Halloween Home Decoration Ideas

    Halloween is a time for dressing up in scary outfits and that includes your home. Adding in some spooky cobwebs, carving up a pumpkin or making a gruesome snack. Here are some ideas to inspire you to have some fun at home this Halloween. Making Your Home Look Spooky Getting into the spirit of Halloween […]

    Beginner’s Guide to Hydroponics

    Would you like to grow plants without the need for soil and to gain from the benefits of hydroponic gardening? In the following article, we’ll explain what hydroponics is, how it works, its advantages, the types of hydroponic systems, what plants can be grown with such systems and how much it might cost. Our guide […]

    Fireplaces Ideas – Should You Keep or Block it up?

    It used to be that the fireplace was one of the main features in a room. With modern heating systems it’s unlikely that you will find on in a modern home these days. The reason for this is that the chimney is a place for heat to escape easily. A fireplace is also an in […]

    Preventing Senior Home Injuries

    As we get older, it is ideal to maintain as much independence as we can. However, this doesn’t come without its challenges and home injuries are a significant issue for seniors to deal with. Whether you’re an OAP or a carer, friend or relative of a senior citizen, the following article will equip you with […]

    childs bedroom with cartoon animals jungle

    Ideas For Decorating Your Childs Bedroom

    Children like to keep their bedroom up to date with what they are in to. What might be unicorns today might be dinosaurs next week. Or is that just my children? The best you can do is to decorate the bedroom on a budget and that way you will not break the bank. If your […]

    Beginner’s Guide to Rock Collecting and Geology

    Do you have a fascination with rocks and geology? If you wish to begin your journey as an amateur rock collector, in this article, we’ll provide a breakdown of rock hunting for beginners by helping you identify rocks more specifically and figure out where you can find these rocks. We’ll also look at different rock collecting […]

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