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  • How to Prepare Your Home for Autumn

    Preparing your home for autumn doesn’t mean you have to stop and wait for spring to arrive. These practical preparation steps will help you enjoy your home more this autumn and even make the most of your garden space on the dry days. We’ve broken this post down in to the garden/exterior of the house […]

    painting an old desk

    12 Upcycling Furniture Projects

    Adding a carefully crafted and upcycled item of furniture to your home can add a real talking point to your home. Upcycling isn’t always just taking something that is destined for the scrap heap or landfill, dash some paint on it and call it done. Good upcycling an old item takes time, careful planning and […]

    Cosy living room space

    Upgrade Your Living Room on a Budget

    Upgrading your living room on a budget is very rewarding, as it is where we spend most of our time relaxing and recharging our internal batteries. As you look around your room, what would you like to upgrade or change? Can you do this on a budget? Here are ten ways you can upgrade your […]

    Extension Conservatory

    Removing Internal Walls to Create Space

    You will be surprised at how much room your home can have by simply opening up internal living spaces. Creating extra space in your home by removing the wall between two smaller rooms. Joining them together will give you a much larger space than having two separate rooms. Removing internal walls doesn’t require planning permission, […]

    Modern kitchen look when buying a new kitchen

    Kitchen Upgrade Ideas For All Budgets

    Have you been looking at getting a new kitchen, but don’t quite have the budget for the kitchen you have seen? Or maybe your kitchen looking and feeling a little tired and in need of a refresh. Here are some budget busting DIY kitchen upgrades you can do to brighten up your kitchen. Declutter Your […]

    house extension

    Should You Move Or Extend Your Home To Get Extra Space?

    Deciding to move or to extend your home is a very good question to ask. Before deciding on either of these options you will want to ask yourself many of the questions we cover in this post. We will break down what you should consider with each option to help you decide which is be […]

    Permitted Development Guide

    It’s important to know what specific permitted development rights you have when building or renovating a property. Discover all you need to know in our permitted development rights guide, whether you’re adding an extension or a front porch. What is Permitted Development? The following guide explores a range of topics surrounding permitted development. In this […]

    Complete Boiler Guide 2020

    If you are in desperate need for a new boiler if your existing one is broken or you need an upgrade, this boiler guide sets out everything you need to know about boiler installation, including the different boiler and fuel types, the best boiler brands, boiler servicing and the costs of hiring a professional boiler […]

    Beginner’s Guide to Improving Home Security

    Are you searching for the best ways to improve your home security? The following guide will explore topics such as what home security is, types of security alarms, window security and security lighting. This article will prove very useful if you plan on updating your home security systems. Table of Contents What is Home Security? […]

    The DIY Tasks Brits Put Off the Most

    Britain is a nation of DIY enthusiasts, with homeowners spending a staggering £22 billion each year in an effort to do up their homes. Despite this, many DIY tasks are put on the back burner, in part due to the busy schedules of Brits. Interested to find out which jobs we put off the most, […]

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